Wetland is a new musical inspired by a poem by Tom Dawe. The poem is a re-telling of the Frog Prince fairy tale whereby the Prince-turned-Frog loves his new wetland home and doesn't want to go back to the palace. The idea was developed by Pamela Morgan, Beni Malone, Ruth Lawrence, and Lois Brown. Music was written by Pamela Morgan and George Morgan, book by Pamela Morgan; dramaturgy by Lois Brown and Charles Tomlinson.

The play and music were workshopped virtually at Terra Bruce Productions in January 2022. The style is Nouveau Retro- 70's folk rock fusion. Sandy Morris, Paul Kinsman, Kelly Russell, Tamsyn Russell, Josh Ward, Chuck Bucket were the stellar musicians, recording ideas and sending them in to Josh Ward, who kept everything running smoothly.

Two readings changing up casting with the Terra Bruce actors; Kelly Ann Evans, Melanie O'Brien, Vicky Harnett, Philip Goodridge, Steve Maloney, and Brad Hodder, moderated by Courtney Brown. Questions, comments, discussions enriched the script and weeded out problems. Alex Abbot patiently notated piano, and Kelly- Ann sorted the harmonies.

All tracks were then dumped over to Mark Bragg, who, with Pamela, over the course of the rest of the year, sorted them out, pocketed, edited, brought the original singers back in to record changes and additions, then rough mixed. Whew!

  Now we are seeking production and development opportunities. Expressions of interest warmly welcomed.

Will you be the first to produce Wetland?

Synopsis available from button above. Songs sample compilation below; complete script, score, and demos available upon request.

As development is ongoing, small discrepancies exist between demos and script, but script is king!

Characters in Demo Recording-

Forrest- Wayne Hynes

Orenda- Pamela Morgan

King Cathal- Jodee Richardson

Princess Elise- Suzanne Power

Otter- Mark Bragg

Dragonfly- Michelle Rex

Faery- Rhiannon Morgan


 Wetland gratefully acknowledges funding support by Arts NL and the City of St John's


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