Listen carefully to folk songs. They are the mines of the most beautiful melodies and from them we can learn the characteristics of nations.” - Robert Schumann

The Nobleman's Wedding an exquisitely beautiful gift which showcases our cultural identity with dignity and grace. ” - Agnes Walsh, Inaugural Poet Laureate, St. John's
... hums with history, yet feels fresh and new. Pamela Morgan is one of our greatest living artistic treasures.” - Robert Chafe, Dramaturg and Playwright an amazing work- words cannot adequately express how moved we were.” - Fred and Cheryl Stagg- Stephenville Theatre Festival
...needs to be made real with the size and space it deserves. It has the potential to be a great work of living poetry” - Krystin Pellerin, actress and singer

Nobleman's Wedding Development

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The Nobleman's Wedding gratefully acknowledges funding support from the City of St. John's, Arts NL, and the many private patrons who have given moral and financial support to this project over so many years.