The creatures are in their wetland home. Forrest, (the Prince) and the King walk through the scene, oblivious. (Song 1- Overture). Forrest and the King are planning the construction of a mega dam, and Forrest produces the Golden Ball, a symbol of progress, pollution, and greed. (Song 2 - Benevolent) The creatures are worried about changes to their environment, and frightened by the dam. ( Song 3 - Changed) In his childhood, Forrest was a friend to the creatures and Orenda, the Wise Woman. When he arrives at the pool and the creatures scatter, Orenda tells him why. He tries to justify the dam, but Orenda turns him into a frog to teach him a lesson. (Song 4 - Medicine

Forrest, now a frog, arrives among the creatures, and tries to tell them he is really a prince. Otter tells him to accept who he is. (Song 5 - Being a Frog) The creatures take him on a journey through the wetlands- and forrest begins to think. (Song 6 - The Waters and the Wild) Then he wonders….(Song 7 - Make it Right

Meanwhile, Elise, the princess, is playing with the Golden Ball, which she has stolen from the King. She drops it into the pool, (Song 8 - Pretty Ball) and Forrest the frog comes up filthy and sputtering. Elise begs him to go get the ball, which he does, but only so it doesn’t do further harm. (Song 9 - Look At Me) He sees an opportunity to go see the King, so he bargains the ball for a visit. Elise consents, but runs away as soon as she gets the ball. Forrest is frustrated- he sees the light, but can’t do anything about it until he can break the spell. Orenda visits Forrest to guide him. (Song 10 - Fool’s Gold


The King and Princess are at dinner. Forrest the Frog jumps up and demands that Elise keep her promise. (Song 11- Remember) The King agrees, but in private chastises Elise for consorting with a frog. 

Forrest contemplates the hopelessness of his situation  (Song 12- OOze) Elise overhears him and wonders why he’s not at the bog if he loves it so much. Forrest confides that he really must talk to the king, and urges her to come with him. (Song 13- Somebody’s Waiting). Meanwhile Cathal is getting weaker and having doubts about the ball. (Song 14- A Granted Wish). 

Forrest and Elise arrive at the wetlands in time to overhear the creatures’ plight (Song 15- To the Sea). Forrest introduces Elise, and the creatures show her their world (Song 16 - Waters and Wild Reprise) Elise is enthralled and touched- and sheds a tear for the creatures, which breaks the spell, and Forrest regains his human form! (Song 17- Like the Willow) They all go together to see the king. (Song 18 - Fool’s Gold Reprise)  They take him in procession to the wetlands to show him what will be destroyed. As they go, the ball dims and crumbles, the king regains his strength, changes his mind, and vows to make things right. (Song 19 - Like the Willow Reprise)

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