The White Fleet Suite

A Voyage Through Time...

The Portuguese have fished off the coast of Newfoundland for centuries. The White Fleet would often visit the port of St. John's to take on supplies or to shelter from the weather. They were a welcome sight, bringing their music, wine, soccer, language and friendship. Relationships were forged and treasured. We shared a common bond, hand-lining cod in some of the most dangerous waters in the world,  always at the mercy of the elements, and we opened our homes and hearts to these windswept sailors from far away.  

The White Fleet Suite is a tribute to those wooden ships and Iron men from those exotic and passionate times.  It is a musical presentation highlighting our shared culture and history, with traditional and original music, song, and poetry from NL and Portugal,  and visuals from archival sources and private collections. 

Music composed and compiled by Pamela Morgan, orchestration and production by Duane Andrews, poetry by Agnes Walsh,

Header images courtesy Jean Pierre Andrieux.

Video demo below to Overture, featuring Ó mar Salgado, by Fernando Pessoa; and foghorns from Ihavo and Cape Spear.

Vintage footage from  Maria do Mar (Portugal, 1930); Newfoundland Cod Fishermen (Newfoundland, 1930), and NL footage courtesy of Amber Music.

The White Fleet Suite is a work-in-progress to be premiered at the Arts and Culture Centre, St. John's NL November 3 and 4, 2023. Expressions of interest welcomed.